Posted by: LLAS projects team | October 1, 2010

Workshop 2: podcasting

We’ve started the new academic year with a word and a song…and by creating some audio material!

Our first workshop of the new term was held this week, on the topic of podcasting. We were lucky to have an invited trainer, senior lecturer Rose Clark, from the School of Languages and Area Studies at the University of Portsmouth, who conducted a session on the why, when and how of podcasting using the software ‘Audacity’. The community cafe-ers had all been busy in the week before, preparing scripts to record, and thinking up ideas of how their podcasts could be used in their teaching – and we all had great fun recording everything from stories, descriptions, directions to  instructions and mini lectures in languages including Urdu, Hungarian, Bengali, Punjabi, Polish, Chinese. Our next cafe session will see the group considering how to add activities to the podcasts to give them a teaching context – before we share them on the LanguageBox.

We all found the software really easy to use, and as Rose gave the group instructions on how to download Audacity for themselves, I could see this workshop being the start of something big for audio recordings in community languages…

Kate B


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