Posted by: LLAS projects team | November 4, 2010

The Power of Powerpoint

This week saw another enjoyable workshop: this time on the topic of Powerpoint for Language Teaching. We were really fortunate to have Jackie Berry and Liz Lord, from Hampshire County Council Children’s Services Department visiting us to facilitate the workshop. Jackie has developed a comprehensive and useful suite of resources designed to teach various elements of Powerpoint 2010, and these formed the basis of an informative and inspiring session.

All attendees were fired up by the possibilites offered by ppt – and the snazzy things that can be done with colours, animations and sounds. Jackie demonstrated how simple but effective activities could be created to teach basic language points. Both Jackie and Liz have experience teaching French at primary school and this was invaluable in relating the features of powerpoint to actual classroom usage – especially when considering motivating activities for young learners.

Our two hours flew by – so much so that I think the next session will be devoted to more powerpoint work…yet again, we seem to have the beginnings of great things here!

Kate B


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