Posted by: LLAS projects team | December 16, 2010

Hot Potatoes at the last meet before Christmas

Our final workshop before the Christmas break was held on Dec 7th, at the University of Southampton. All the usual elements were present: smiling faces, teachers ready to try something new…and cake!

The session was on the free software Hot Potatoes. I’ve used this software to create language learning activities for some years now, so I gave the session. We focused on creating simple matching tasks to practice key vocabulary. HP is really simple to use, so after a quick walk-through and demo of how to create activities, change colours/fonts/buttons/text, everyone hit the computers and got started!

By the end, everyone was proud to publish an attractive vocab exercise, using drag and drop – and all the teachers agreed that their students would love this kind of activity. We also got onto how to find copyright-friendly images online and how to embed these – and attribute correctly – into an HP activity. Many of the group are keen to experiment now with embedding audio and video files…and we look forward to sharing the results on LanguageBox!

Kate B


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