Posted by: LLAS projects team | February 4, 2011

More Hot Potatoes in the new year

Community Cafe is back in business after the new year – we’ve been slightly delayed by having to cancel one meeting (the wave of sickness that everyone seemed to suffer over Christmas hit LLAS in the new year!) but on Feb 1st, it was business as normal.

We had our first workshop of 2011 – and it was a return to an old friend, Hot Potatoes. After the success of the workshop before Christmas on using HP to create matching exercises, we decided to run a second on using quizzes. In next to no time, the cafe group were downloading pics and creating exercises to use with their students – for some reason, there seemed to be a great many activities on food – this topic  is obviously close to students’ hearts! We are going to use the next workshop session to edit and upload all this material to LanguageBox – so watch LB for activities in Urdu, Polish, Hungarian, Chinese, Bengali…

Oh, and we had good cake too…

Krystyna planning her online activity

Kate B



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