Posted by: LLAS projects team | February 24, 2011

Northern Lights

Hello there!

It was another trip to our friends in the North again this week, as I visited the group of community language teachers coordinated by Manchester Metropolitan University, Colt project.

It was a miserable, rainy, cold day, in Manchester, but I received a wonderful warm welcome and made lots of new friends! I ran a Hot Potatoes/LanguageBox workshop: using Hot Potatoes to create matching exercises which can then be published straight onto the LanguageBox website. Creation to publication and use-by-students in one complete process! There were about 22 attendees teaching a range of languages including Urdu, Arabic, Chinese and Italian. I was really pleased to be able to ask Robina Akram to stand up and talk about her Urdu teaching work and the resources that she has created and uploaded to LB. You can see an example at:

Robina was keen to stress to the group that she wanted to share and collaborate with other Urdu teachers, because “why re-invent the wheel?” You can see more of her resources as she uploads them over the next few months.

By the end of the session, everyone had their own, custom-made Hot Potatoes exercise – and even better, a burning ambition to create more! I look forward to seeing some of their creations appearing on LB soon.

Kate B


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