Posted by: LLAS projects team | March 25, 2011

The end is in sight…

As the title suggests, the end of the project is indeed in sight!

This month, we have had a final cafe meeting and a final workshop. The cafe session on 1st March was a chance to reflect upon what we have achieved and learnt over the last year, and yes, to eat carrot cake. As we all reviewed the resources that have gone into LanguageBox – and there are many different types of resource in there now – it seemed to give us extra energy to create more, and I think that as we come to the end of the project, it is perhaps clearer to see how we can tie all of the workshops/cafe meetings together. This will lead to a final burst of creative activity to close the project – so keep an eye on LanguageBox.

Our final workshop on 22nd March, was a time to work on existing resources, polish and perfect the work that has gone on over the year. Next week is our final party and showcase, and we want everything to look good for then!

Kate B

The community cafe team

The Community cafe team


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